Advancing education through
research, discourse and action


Context Education Trust (CET) is uniquely positioned in the education sector as an independent, non-profit organisation with active engagement in areas and aspects of education that directly or indirectly affect learning, physical and mental well-being, personal development, rights and welfare of children and the youth.

To this end CET engages in:

Initial inquiries:

  • to ask fundamental questions about the tenets, intents and purposes of education contrasted against the prevalent practices in the pedagogical domain (teaching and learning).

  • To identify and evaluate factors and constructs that influence schemes, policies and practices e.g. prevailing ideologies, market-driven forces, the normalisation process, etc.

  • To analyse the language and semantics used in the education narrative including clichéd euphemisms in shaping public perception of education e.g. empractical use of words or concepts such as academic achievement, mastery, success, competency, etc.

  • to create high-trust relationships and connect like-minded individuals, groups and organizations.

  • to create partnerships and collaborate with stakeholders, research communities, commissions, government departments and agencies, innovative technology providers, legal advisors, international organisations and consult with hapū and iwi.

  • To engender a meaningful public discourse on pedagogical subjects and issues of concern to raise awareness and effect change.

  • to publish articles, reports and recommendations to inform key stakeholders and the public to encourage broad-based dialogue, participation and action.

In practice CET engagement translates to a wide range of programmes, initiatives and services including advisory work and partnership projects in support of its goals and principles.


Context Education Commons

Context Education Commons is an expansive  platform for broad-based participation in the education discourse.

As a resource hub and a channel for amplifying and connecting authentic voices it promotes community building, professional networking, action and transdisciplinary collaboration.

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Peer-reviewed Journal

Available in Q3 2018


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Implementation Timeline

Projects within the programme matrix are rolled out in phases. Resource availability and other dependencies determine timing and duration of the project implementation.

Q4 2017 is reserved for preparatory work prior to pilot implementation

Pilot Implementation – Phase 1

Pilot Implementation – Phase 2

Projects initiation and invitations to be sent

Projects initiation

Published Reports

Reports, reviews and recommendations are initially released in draf format by the editorial board and made available for public consultation in Context Education forums before they are published and made available publicly.


No draft versions yet released.

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